Water Filter Pitcher, Water Purifier Filter (PP1518)

  • Certified 4-stage water filtration system:
  1. Mechanical particle filter
  2. Ion exchange resin - Reduces harmful substances such as Cadmium Copper
  3. Coconut active carbon - Reduces unpleasant taste in water
  4. Fine mesh filter
  • Absorbs Cholrine and heavy metal from the water, hence reducing water hardness
  • Remove impurities, bad taste and colour
  • Prevent formation of lime scale in appliances such as Kettle Jug, Electric Air pot, Coffee Maker and Steam Iron
  • Noticeably improves taste of drinking water
  • BPA-free for safer water consumption and free of chemicals
  • Capacity of 7 cups
  • Weight (kg): 0.9
  • Dimension (cm): L19.7 X W10.9 X H23.5

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