Ultrasonic insect Repellent Mosquito Killer (PP303)

  • Thee ultrasonic wave drive away flying insects like house-fly, mosquito, bugs, crisket and etc. within 200 sq meter
  • This item widely applies in family, dinning room, hotel, hospital, office building, storage, farm and other indoor place
  • Product first should be installed in the pests of the most serious area, when the region the pest elimination after installed on the product for a complete set of housing relative to the central location (such as sitting room) or pests are most likely to come in
  • The product should work 24 hours a day during use.
  • No Radiation, AI Chip, Energy Saving
  • 3pin plug in use, No noise
  • Voltage AC210-230V,50Hz
  • Power 5-8Watts
  • Size 5.5x4.5x10.5cm


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