My Choice 800ml Disinfection Sanitizer Spray Gun USB Charge / Cordless / Nano Blue Light Atomization (YJ-01)

  • Wireless and portable.  Rechargeable design. Powered by 3000mAh battery Long battery life of up to 3 hours usage
  • Adjustable intensity of fog. Fast fogging with large amount of fog and ultra-fine spray Blue Nano light.
  • Effectively assist the sterilization function. , Large spray can of 800ml capacity, Convenient and Easy to use. One key operation.
  • Wide range of usage: disinfection of bacteria and virus, purification, aroma diffuser, gardening pest control
  • Application scenarios: Car interior, public places, office areas, homes,  warehouse, restaurants, retail shops, schools, kindergartens
  • Packaging size 29x25x8cm , Voltage:5V, Power:10Watts, Charging time 2hours, Weight 900G, Batter capacity 3000mAh, Bottle capacity 800ml.


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