2in1 Mosquito Killer Ultrasonic insect Repellent Creepy-Crawlies, Mosquito Repellent (PP302)

  • The Ultrasonic wave drives away spiders, lizards creepy-crawlies, mice, small crawling insects, etc Within an area of 50m2
  • Highly effective in a wide variety of places; in homes, dining rooms, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, stores, farms and other indoor places where pests are prevalent

  • Product first should be installed in the pests of the most serious area, when the region the pest elimination after installed on the product for a complete set of housing relative to the central location (such as sitting room) or pests are most likely to come in

  • The product should work 24 hours a day during use.
  • No Radiation, Energy Saving
  • 2pin plug in use, No noise
  • Voltage AC220-240V,50Hz
  • Power 2Watts
  • Size 62x95x140mm


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