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LED Night Light with Motion Sensor Light (MC22)

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  • 2 in 1 LED sensor light is idea for many usage in the house and office
  • Motion sensor activation is idea for use in kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes, cupboards and more
  • LED night light function provide safe lighting passage for walkways, corridors, staircases and baby / elderly room.


  • Locate the OFF/AUTO/ON switch on the side of the light
  • A) For continuous lighting, slide the slide the switch on the ON position
  • B) For motion activation and to use the sensor, slide the switch to the AUTO position. The sensor will detect motion up to 5M distance and up to 60 degree.
  • Once activated, the light will remain on between 20-40 seconds. The light duration will depend on the proximity of the object.
  • Power 0.6W
  • Lumen 40 LM
  • Package Dimensions 6x11x2.5CM

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