Fair Trading Policy


1. EVERSON ELECTRICAL (S) PTE LTD conducts our business in the requirements of Fair Trade. We will always comply in our provision of products and services by: Offers goods and services of satisfactory quality as defined in the Sales of Goods Act S14 (2), Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act and Lemon Law.

2. We commit warranty against defective products / services – Please refer to https://powerpac.com.sg/pages/faq

3. Exchange of materials will be done within 14 working days from notification by customer. – Please refer to https://powerpac.com.sg/pages/faq

4. Cancellation can be done within 3 days from the day of purchase by sending SALES@POWERPAC.COM.SG or via E-commerce Interface or Call Service Hotline 62149555.

5. Our business ensures transparent and fair delivery and shipping charges, clearly communicated to customers at the point of purchase.

6. Our business is committed to honouring the prices displayed on our website and/or other platforms at the time an order or transaction is made.

7. Our business is committed to the utmost security of consumer data, ensuring it is used solely for completing sales transactions and rigorously encrypted for storage, in compliance with our comprehensive Data Protection and Security policy and procedures.

8. Our business is dedicated to ensuring that all merchandise and services are accurately described and portrayed on our website and in marketing communications across all platforms.

9. Our business guarantees that our website and marketing communications across all platforms provide comprehensive information on prices, quality, availability, color, material, dimensions, brand of products, terms of sales, warranties, after-sales service, any regulatory, technical, or contractual requirements, and essential warnings for product and service safety, health, and age concerns.

10. Our business adopts stringent measures to avoid unethical promotion and advertising, ensuring compliance with the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice, avoiding unfair practices as defined under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, prohibiting bait and switch advertising, drip pricing, and high-pressure sales tactics, while maintaining a consistently structured website and creating advertising material that is clear and easy to understand."

11. Our business ensures that consumers do not have to pay for the postage fees and other relevant costs incurred for the return of non-conforming and/or defective products.

12. Our business documents cancellations, refunds consumers due to our fault, and allows order amendments for stock changes or quality concerns post-confirmation, including situations of unsatisfactory quantity or quality and product recalls.

13. We accept SGD$ via GrabPay / atome / ApplePay / Master and Visa Card for payment of services / product.

14. We are committed to avoid under-charging and to ensure correct change is given, providing fair and just pricing for our customers stating accurately with breakdown of different charges including shipping/Installation charges (if applicable).

15. EVERSON ELECTRICAL (S) PTE LTD is GST registered. Prices quoted are inclusive of GST.

16. My business maintains a quality assurance system to ensure the fitness and legality of products and services offered for sale, adhering to industry codes of practice, regulatory requirements, and respecting intellectual property rights.

17. We are committed to maintain our customers’ data under confidentiality and safe-keeping. Data collected are solely for the purposes of completing sales transactions.

18. Providing an effective mode of communication for our customers.

19. Providing procedures to resolve issues and resolution.

20. Maintaining competencies of staff on ethical performance and product knowledge.

21. Our company has established clear terms and conditions for the redemption of vouchers and e-coupons, ensuring fairness and transparency for our customers.

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