Steamboat Multi Cooker 1.5L Non-stick cooker with Food Steamer (PPJ2020)

  • PLEASE NOTE: Undetachable inner pot
  • Can be used to fry
  • 1.2L is older version
  • Non-stick inner pot and steamer
  • Auto-shut off features when overheat and out of water
  • Adjustable heating warming to meet most cooking needs
  • Voltage: 220v - 240v . 50-60Hz
  • Power: 600W
  • Capacity: 1.5L
  • Weight: 1.38kg
  • Product Dimensions: Length (With Handle): 224mm, Width: 170mm, Height (With steamer but no lid): 191mm, Base: 132mm, Height of pot only: 138mm, Pot Depth: 91mm, Pot Diameter: 160mm, Steamer Length (With Handle): 206mm, Steamer Diameter: 175mm, Steamer Depth: 61mm
  • Safety Mark: 180535-12
  • Cable: Singapore/UK 3-pin plug, ~750mm
  • The Product Come With 24 Months Motor Warranty (With Proof of Purchase)

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