80W Step Up & Down Voltage Converter Transformer Travel Adapter 110V / 220V (PP80)

  • Bidirectional electricity converter
  • Select proper input voltage switch at the back of theTransformer
  • Connect the converter onto a power socket. Insert your appliance plug into the multi socket on the transformer & turn power on.
  • Purely use for AC output with all types of appliances rated 0-80 watts
  • Theoretical rated power (approx.): 80W Max.
  • Switch on AC 117V: Input 110V/120V, Output AC 220V/240V
  • Switch on AC 230V: Input 220V/240V, Output AC 110V/120V
  • AC 117V suit for using in: America, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Mexcio etc,.
  • AC 230V suit for using in: China, European Union Countries, Middle East etc,.
  • For indoor use only. Make sure correct voltage is selected before use .
  • Dimension (cm): L5 X W 6.5X H 10

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