3 Way Adapter for 3 Pin Plug with USB Charger, 1x USB A, 1x USB C (PP299U)

  • With 1x USB-A / 1x USB-C charger
  • Indoor usage and dry locations only
  • Fire retardant casing and unbreakable plug top
  • With neon indicator
  • Overload protection to maintain safety loading
  • Do not exceed the maximum loading of 3250 watts max
  • USB Charge - 2.1A/5V
  • Voltage - AC250V~50/60 Hz
  • Safety Mark - 230743-12


    1. Switch off all the power when not in use.
    2. Not suitable to use with 110V power supply


    • Use a suitable device on this socket
    • Do not attempt to dismantle the socket
    • Do not expose the socket to water
    • If water ever filters into the socket, do not use socket
    • Please follow the above instructions as a safety precaution and to ensure the best output from the socket

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