iFan Electric Dehumidifier 1.1L Mini Dehumidifier Thirsty Hippo Timer Setting 1-24h Low Noise Water Full Auto OFF (IF3252)

  • Highly efficient dehumidification
  • Compact and quiet, suitable for small to medium sized rooms
  • Extracts up to 300ml of moisture daily
  • Automatic shut-off when full to avoid overflow, indicator light turn red when full
  • Ultra-quiet and illuminates with 7 colour-changing LED lights
  • Quiet; operates below 34 dB
  • Comes with timer; 1 - 24 hours
  • Displays Current humidity in numbers
  • Night mode where Display is dimmed
  • Coverage Area: <15cm2
  • Input DC9V 2.5A
  • Power 23Watts
  • Volume: 1100ml
  • Capacity: 300ml (30C, RH80%)
  • AC Adapter 1450mm
  • Packaging size : 193x158x293mm
  • Product size : 152x115x255mm(h)
  • Safety Mark 231011-12
  • *The Product Come With 24 Months Motor Warranty (With Proof of Purchase)

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