iFan Electric Dehumidifier 12L/24HRS Dehumidifier Thirsty Hippo, 11 Humidity level, Timer Setting 1-24h (IF3256)

  • Small & compact: suitable for an averaged sized room
  • Prevents mold & fungi growth
  • 2 different modes: Auto dehumidify & continuous dehumidify
  • LED lights display with intelligent touch controls
  • 2 fan speed settings: High, low, auto
  • 11 Humidity level settings: 30% - 80%
  • Built-in timer, 1 Hour - 24 Hours
  • Wheels for easy mobility & portability
  • Child lock function available
  • 2L water tank, auto stops with full tank & water full light indicator
  • In-built drainage pipe for convenient draining of water
  • Removable & washable air filter for easy cleaning & a prolonged filter life
  • Power 200Watts
  • Dehumidifier Capacity: 12L/24HRS
  • Water tank capacity: 2L
  • Cable Length 1620mm• Weight: 11kg
  • Packaging size : 305x265x512mm
  • Product size : 256x220x458mm(h)
  • Do not turn on the dehumidifier immediately after unboxing, but leave it to stand upright & powered off for a recommended 2-3 hours, or best up to 24 hours. The time left standing upright corresponds to how well preserved/protected the dehumidifier will be from internal issues/damages.
  • If the dehumidifier is found/left lying down or on its side, leave it to stand upright & powered off for 2 hours before turning it on. Turn off the dehumidifier immediately if it produces a loud, grating sound to avoid damages to the dehumidifier.
  • 2 years warranty on parts and components against defective materials and manufacturing faults
  • 2-way collection and return upon repair at our service centre at a discounted rate of $50.00. This fee will be refunded if the new product require repairs within 180 days of being delivered to the customer. After the product is repaired and delivered, no further fee will be collected if the repaired product require further repairs within 90 days of being delivered to the customer.
  • We reserve the rights for any delays or cancellation in its sole discretion if fail to accurately register your request or processing orders.

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