Steamboat Induction Cooker with Stainless Steel Pot (PPIC888)

  • Only use the free stainless steel pot given
  • We will not hold any responsibility if you used other pots and pans on the cooker and damaged the sensor (E6 Error)
  • The Induction cooker consists of copper coils beneath a ceramic Crystal Plate. When electricity runs through the copper coils, it "induces" (or causes) an electric current to flow in a utensil (pot/pan) containing a magnetic material such as stainless steel placed on the Crystal Plate. As the utensil resists this current, heat is generated very quickly and evenly throughout the utensil, cooking the food inside evenly; similar to the use of a hot flame or electric hot plate.
  • Its main characteristics are as follows:
  • No hot spots in the utensil, so food is cooked evenly, with no part burnt or undercooked
  • The bottom of the utensil would not develop ugly patches of black, unlike if a hot gas flame or electric hot plate was used
  • Energy transfer from electrical energy to heat energy using electrical induction is more efficient compared to using a hot gas flame or electric hot plate
  • There is also no flame, and the surface plate is not heated, so it is very safe to use in the kitchen
  • Environmentally-friendly: no fire, smoke or carbon monoxide
  • Easy to clean: Crystal Plate can be wiped with soft sponge moistened with detergent and water
  • Make sure that your utensil is made of stainless steel, a magnetic material. Copper and aluminium are NOT magnetic and cannot be used, unless they have additional coatings of Stainless steel at the bottom
  • Although it is unlikely, an Induction device may interfere with a pacemaker, and anyone fitted with such should stand 2 feet (60 cm) from an Induction Cooker
  • Safety: numerous protections installed
  • FREE 3L stainless steel pot;
  • User friendly design with overheat protection
  • Micro computer control using Korean IC & German IGBT
  • Equipped with preset programs and timer for quick and convenient cooking
  • High heat for efficient cooking without gas or fire
  • Multiple safety protection & self detecting functions
  • Power: 2000W
  • Voltage: 220V-240V
  • Energy Efficiency: 93-94%
  • Safety Mark: 190494-24
  • Product Dimensions: 310 (L) x 175 (W) x 383 (H) mm
  • The Product Come With 24 Months Motor Warranty (With Proof of Purchase)

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