Water proof Wireless Door Bell, Caller Bell (PP3236)

  • Wireless remote operating range up to 100 meters in open area.
  • Easy to install and blends in with your interior decoration.
  • No electrical wires, Wi-Fi or internet connection,
  • Low power consumption.
  • 18 choices of music,
  • Transmitter has waterproof IP44 rating.
  • Ideal for homes, offices, shops, factories, guest rooms in hotels, etc.
  • Installation:
  • Remove the Battery Compartment of the Door Chime (Receiver) and insert two 1.5V AA batteries.
  • Replace the Battery Compartment. Remove the Battery Compartment of the Transmitter and pull in the 3V CR2032 battery (provided).
  • Replace the Battery Compartment. Fix the Transmitter next to the door using the tape.
  • Operating Guide:
  • 1) Press and hold melody button for 3 secs until receiver rings and LED light flashes.
  • 2) Push button on transmitter within 30 seconds.The receiver will ring again, indicating transmitter is synced with the receiver.
  • 3) Push button on the transmitter to ensure product is operational
  • 4) When you select a desired melody, you need to press transmitter before the melody is over, then the doorbell will only plays this melody when transmitter is pressed. 5) Press the Volume Button to increase or decrease the volume.
  • PP3236- 2xAA Batteries (Not included).

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